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Hear what my clients have to say about working with me:

"I could not recommend Sam enough. I found her in the summer of 2022 and have been working with her since, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon! Since working with her as my personal trainer, I've lost 1.5 inches around my waist, feel stronger than ever before, and see muscle definition I never thought I'd be able to have. She puts so much thought into personalizing workout plans for each client so you really see (and feel) the results. Perfect location too for anyone in the Williamsburg (or greater Brooklyn) area!"


Sam is without a doubt the best personal trainer in Williamsburg. I’ve never met someone who teaches and motivates in such a compassionate way while still maintaining the level of accountability you need to get results, which is especially important to someone like me who isn’t confident in the gym at all. She consistently inspires me to work hard and feel good about myself both inside and outside the gym! I noticed results fast (nearly an inch gone around my waist in a month) and I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have before. I cannot recommend her enough!


"I have been working with Sam for over a year, and I couldn’t recommend her more! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she is also incredibly empathetic and personable - I even enjoy our sessions!
As for results: I’ve been a fitness fanatic for decades, but felt stalled in my progress no matter the changes in my nutrition and routine. That all changed when I met Sam - I was able to lose weight, build muscle, and feel stronger than I’ve ever been!"


"In June 2021 I found Sam through a colleague at work and I am so thankful! I had my son in October of 2020 and between the baby weight and COVID I was feeling so sluggish!
My goals were to lose the baby weight and just feel healthier. I was a little skeptical of her simple methods. However, just using very basic moves she was really able to make me sore the next day!
We did a combo of virtual and in person sessions about every week to every other week for 60 minutes. By October 2021 (12 sessions) I was able to fit into the dress I wanted to wear to a function and feel confident! By December 2021 (17 sessions) I lost all the baby weight. Now we are focusing on toning and areas that I feel insecure about.
She is patient and encouraging and I feel absolutely comfortable working out with her. Her upbeat nature and passion for fitness is infectious! Hope you have a chance to meet her or do her park class in Brooklyn!"


"Sam is a phenomenal trainer and there truly are not enough good things I can say to capture how wonderful she is! Our workout programs are completely personalized and I feel that I am getting progressively stronger with each session we have due to how methodical and strategic she is. Sam is also incredibly creative and flexible, finding ways to adapt to our ever-changing COVID world and even maximizing it, including training outside in Central Park, virtually, and at the gym. Sam is a great communicator and always prompt to respond to every need. Perhaps most importantly, Sam is always kind and a wonderful cheerleader. She is easy to talk to, makes me feel comfortable and confident, and is an all-around fantastic person. I couldn't recommend her more highly!!"


"Sam is the best! As someone who was new to lifting and training in a gym, she really helps make it less intimidating and makes you feel more confident. She knows how to push and challenge you to get you out of your comfort zone, but always hears you out and offers modifications if needed. I also really appreciate that she takes the time to to individualize and switch up our workouts!! Can't recommend her enough :)"


"Highly recommend working with Sam no matter where you are on your fitness journey! Sam has not only helped me feel and get stronger, but has also increased my confidence in the gym. She curates personalized programs, taking into account any previous injuries. Sam is a great communicator, patient, and flexible!"


"As someone who has worked out on my own for almost 20 years now I decided to try something different and use a personal trainer. I’ve now been training with Sam for about 3 months and can already see the changes in my body. She’s very thorough in her workout design and explanation to help me achieve my fitness goals. Sam is also very responsive and reachable if any questions come up along the way. I highly recommend Sam as personal trainer for a great pressure free fun experience!"


"Fit by Sam is the queen of helping you get and keep a strong body and allowing you to stay fit. Sam is punctual, passionate, knowledgeable, friendly, and she's always wearing a smile. She is the absolute best! If I had the time to train with her every day, I would! I highly recommend her to anybody looking to get strong and get fit!"


"If you want a sustainable, healthy body transformation, then contact Sam! I highly recommend her for strength training and full body workouts. In the last few months, I dropped 25 lbs, and more importantly, significantly increased my core strength and endurance. Now I can easily ride my bike, and swing my golf club like never before. Today for example, in Sam’s workout I did 75 sit-ups and 60 pushups total, and a host of jumping jacks, step-ups and squats. In the beginning I could only do 3 push-ups and 10 sit-ups. Now, reaching on the floors and picking up things around the house is a piece of cake. In her program she provides metrics and week by week guidance. Her program is designed with a steady pace that is incrementally productive and safe. She has a predilection for both performance and balance. Her approach and people skills are both an education and an inspiration. With Sam I have never missed a session!"


Testimonials: Testimonials
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